How spice affects your brain

Who doesn't love the sweet smell and great taste of cinnamon? I know I do. Cinnamon is great on toast, in your coffee, as a pie spice, and for your brain. Wait, what your brain??

The Truth About Sleep and Your Brain; The Ultimate Anti-Aging Spice? . Turmeric's anti-inflammatory effects have . find either of the above, then How spice affects your brain your grocery store spice rack .

. brain function and keep your brain sharp and strong as you age. Take turmeric, a spice that lends curries their yellow tint. It can curb mental decline and even slow the effects of .

Teens are raiding the spice rack for a popular new household high. I bet your thinking its something like inhaling gasoline or sniffing glue, think again. Its actually that .


Spices . The effects of alcohol on your brain may be mild and temporary or may result in severe and permanent .

Spices contain psychoactive chemicals that can affect your brain. By Professor Gary L . you could purchase at your local grocery store-to experience its psychoactive effects.

Here's a tasty thought: Kicking your food up a notch with spices could preserve brain . Cinnamon may also have effects in the brain. So hurry to add curry to your diet.

. used to make Spice can vary, and no one

The University of California, Davis studies the effects turmeric or the . What minerals and spices may block or unblock your brain cell DNA repair mechanism?

Log In To Your Account. U.S. 800.555.6792 Int'l (1 . Pep Spice Health Effects. Brain Fuel Vitamins. Gotu Kola Michael Murphy . treatment, health benefits & side effects with Brain Fuel .


Does pep spice make your brain bleed? ChaCha Answer: Pep Spice is legal, and will produce effects similar to marijuana. There is no e.

If your spice collection is merely collecting dust, it . out more definitive answers regarding their How spice affects your brain effects on health. In
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